Frequently Asked Question – What Makes Your Business Different?

One of the questions that you will be asked pretty often if you’re planning on marketing a home based business is “What makes your business different?”

For many prospects this is a make or break type of question. A lot of people who are thinking about getting started in a home based business are looking at multiple businesses at the same time and if you’re not able to tell them what makes your business different than all the rest the chances of them joining YOUR company are very low.

In order to truly answer this question well you’ll need to know a lot about not only your business but the industry of network marketing in general. If for instance you answer with something like. “Our business allows you to work from home and make as much money as you want” you are more than likely going to under whelm them that’s because basically ALL home based businesses allow both of those things.

This question doesn’t really apply to what makes your business different than a job because they’ll probably know that already. Anyone who is thinking about joining a home based business knows the differences and the upsides of what makes working from home better than a traditional job.

What they want to know is what makes your business different than other businesses of it’s kind.

Now I can’t answer this question for you because I don’t know specifically what business you’re in but I can tell you that if you do a little research and compare your company with other companies of it’s kind you’ll find a great answer there.

Maybe your business is new and gives the business owner a great opportunity to come into a business that is just starting up. Maybe the product is unlike anything else on the market today. Maybe your compensation plan gives the highest percentages of commission in the industry.

Whatever your answer is make sure that it’s A) Impressive enough to make them say “wow!” and B) truthful, if you tell a lie and they find out what you said wasn’t completely true you will lose them as a prospect forever and they’ll probably also give you negative feedback from then on out. So make sure if you’re hyping something up that it’s true and honest.

If you have a great prepared answer for this very common question you can often get the prospects attention enough for them to either get started with your business or at least pursue it further. If you don’t you might lose them to another company.

Claims Related to Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) are those injuries that are suffered through repetitive motion, extreme motion, and/or excessive force. We are all familiar with “tennis elbow” resulting from playing too much tennis or “runner’s knee” from competing in too many races. But, unless one is a professional athlete, these injuries can be soothed and sometimes even cured by ceasing the offending activity, rest, and ice.

But what if the repetitive motion is an integral part of one’s job? Typing has been linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is an inflammation of tissues surrounding the median nerve which provides sensation to the thumb, index, and middle fingers. Tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the sheath that surrounds a tendon connecting muscle to bone usually affecting the hands; and bursitis, an inflammation of the little fluid filled sacs that act as cushioning near the body’s larger joints are generally caused by heavy lifting. Trigger finger/thumb occurs when one’s finger or thumb catches in a bent position, and can be caused by extended gripping, such a long periods of driving gripping the steering wheel.

All of these conditions cause symptoms ranging from moderate discomfort to severe pain, and all of these conditions cost businesses a tremendous amount of money in terms of treatment, time lost, and compensation. The Chattered Society of Physiotherapy estimated that 3.5 million working days are lost annually due to RSI, also known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD).

Symptoms may take weeks, months, or even years to manifest. As soon as symptoms appear, consult a physician, and report the findings to the employer. In the early stages, many of RSI’s can be treated effectively with splints, braces, or cortisone shots. Many of these symptoms can be alleviated through simple environmental changes, such as typing for no longer than an hour before switching to filing, and then switching again to making copies. Breaking up the repetitive activity allows the affected muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves to rest. Switch to a more ergonomic computer setup to relieve strain on the fingers and wrists while typing. Always wear a back brace when lifting. If driving long distance, be certain to allow time to stop, get out of the automobile and stretch.

Most workplaces are very conscious of RSIs, and indeed of their responsibility to assess dangers and provide a safe working environment. Workplaces offer a variety of ways to alleviate the causes of RSI and WRULD. Some of the simpler solutions may include a change of lighting, a re-alignment of office equipment, scheduling more frequent but shorter break periods, and/or the use of assistive technology such as a headset for a receptionist tasked with answering the telephone in order to eliminate the need to pick up and balance a handset.

If, after having been notified by the physician of an employees RSI, the employer feels that no reasonable accommodation can be made in the workplace, the employee may consider engaging the services of a solicitor to protect his rights to work in a safe environment and to ensure that he receives all medical care and treatment to which he is entitled.

The Joys of Owning a Turnkey Business Website – Your Own Home Online Business

The business ventures available on the web keep growing. Many online enterprises offer your own turnkey business website. This allows you to get round the hassle of building a website and immediately begin making money.

Working at home is both convenient and cost-effective. Nothing can be more handy than working in the comfort of your home, where you do not have to spend additional time commuting to work each morning and home every afternoon. From a financial point of view, you do not have to spend lots of money on work wardrobe, you save on transportation, and eating lunch at home can be less expensive and healthier.

Advantages of a home web business

Historically, the long run money advantages of having your own business greatly outweigh the benefits of continuing to work your 9 to 5 job. But not many are suited to having their own retail store or restaurant. Fortunately, there are other business ventures and ideas out there that might be more acceptable for you. One of the best business ventures has your own online small business. Having an internet home run business has many great advantages including:

Working from home costs less than retail enterprises

The difficulty with retail companies is that not so many people have the capital to start such a massive investment. Often you need to invest up to $500,000 to start up such a business venture with the continuing costs of lease, employees, and advertising. One of the best benefits of having your own online small business and telecommuting is that you can establish the start-up fee to invest, the advertising costs you may spend and there aren’t any employee issues. Usually you can start a web home-based business for a bit less than $200 and you can limit advertising costs to whatever fits in your position. You do not want to fret about rent as your home is your office.

Work when you want

Having an internet small business gives you the power to work when and how much you want. With the internet available anytime, you can choose to work at midnight or mid-day, the decision is yours. You also have the chance to work nearer to your folks, spend a little more time with your children and take vacations whenever convenient for you and not your supervisor. Remember though, that as flexible as it sounds you do still need to put in the time to make your business a successful one.

In Business for yourself but not by yourself

You are your own boss. You can promote your business however you like. You are the driver of your business but you aren’t alone. Your business associates and other online sources offer training and support to demonstrate how to be successful.

Tax benefits

There enormous tax benefits of being in business for yourself. You’ll find that many of your standard costs become tax deductible when done for business purposes.

Additional benefits of internet business web marketing include:

* Nearly anything can be sold through internet marketing.

* Payments can be picked up handily on the internet.

* The product is promoted worldwide that will even reach the most remote places.

* Online selling can stay open twenty-four hours per day, 7 days a week.